About Us

About Us

the first think tank dedicated to green, sustainable and advanced technologies.

Sustainable Innovation with Dynamic Expertise

We are a motivated and dynamic group of specialists determined to develop by thinking of novel and efficient ways of implementing and supporting sustainable and innovation.

Founded by three visionaries, IOM is an integrated blend of cybersecurity professionals, software developers, blockchain architects, project managers, and financial consultants.

Harnessing Technology for a Sustainable Future: Our Multidisciplinary Approach

We as professionals and as humans are convinced of the power of technology in building a world based on sustainability.

Our multidisciplinary team designs and implements tangible strategies to make a difference. Whether it is our novel blockchain applications, innovative cybersecurity measures, or any other area of our business we aim to contribute holistic and innovative solutions to all endeavors.

Expert Solutions in Consultancy, Project Management, and Strategic Financial Planning for Web3 Systems

We have three main areas of service and work, including consultancy, project management, and strategic financial planning in sustainable technology.

Additionally, we are experts at Web3 systems, which are systems designed to run in a decentralized and cost-effective manner to allow sustainable growth.


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